CAFT Positions

CAFT Positions on Campaign Messages and Policies

The Chinese Americans for Trump movement (CAFT) has the following positions on the messages and policies of the campaign.

On Trump vs Hillary

CAFT believes that Hillary Clinton represents the old, broken Washington plagued with corruption and gridlock. Mrs. Clinton has been in Washington since 1992 and was an integral part of that broken system. The national debt grew by more than $9 Trillion, nearly doubling, under Barack Obama. Yet, median income for American households fell by $1,700 per year under Obama. American families are suffering and Mrs. Clinton was part of the failed policies that caused it.

A vote for Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a vote for real change that can bring back the core values of America, which made our nation the most powerful and prosperous country in the world.

On Make America Great Again

CAFT believes that under Obama, America has lost the spirit that helped put American astronauts on the moon and made America the world leader. To us, the slogan “Make America Great Again” is about instilling the Can-Do attitude in Americans once again. It is about inspiring American kids to take an interest in science and technology, to dream big, and to work hard to achieve those dreams. It is about giving American families hope for a better future.

On Education and Affirmative Action Reform

We believe that college admission should be merit-based. Affirmative Action (AA) based on ethnicity is currently implemented by many states and schools, but it has failed the students it is supposed to help. According to studies, about 70% of students admitted through AA could not graduate after 5 years in college. While the goal should be a purely merit-based system, we are not completely opposed to AA as an interim solution. If a state or school insists on AA, they should shift toward giving preferential treatment and resources based on students’ household income, instead of based solely on skin color or ethnicity. That way, low-income families regardless of ethnicity get the help.

To help kids from low-income neighborhoods better prepare for college, we are proposing boarding charter schools that provide a safe, nurturing and immersive learning environment during weeknights. More funds will be needed for these schools than regular charter schools. We intend to work with non-profit foundations and large corporations to secure funding.

On Foreign Relations and Trade

We believe Mr. Trump’s skill in making deals will be conducive to finding mutually beneficial solutions when dealing with foreign countries, including China. We believe fair trade with China is possible and achievable. On issues like North Korea, Taiwan and the South China Sea, facilitating dialogue between the parties involved will be advantageous to maintaining the peace in those regions. We are Americans first and foremost, and we are fully willing to help build those bridges.