Open Letter to Dear Fellow Americans

Dear Fellow Americans,

Our nation has come to a critical moment. The November 8th selection is so important that it is time for every one of us to put down our partisan differences and reexamine our rationale for our choices. This handout is intended to inspire a thoughtful reflection, and I hope you will spend five minutes finishing reading it for the sake of our country.

First of all, I want to caution everyone that feelings can be deceptive, and basing our choices primarily on feelings is potentially risky, because politicians are all great rhetoricians artful at manipulating people’s feelings and perceptions. So we MUST stay cool and focus on the real political agendas of each candidate and understand their implications to us, our children and our grandchildren.

Is Hillary’s economic plan going to work?

First, let’s talk about the debt.

The debt increase during Obama administration, which is roughly 11 trillion dollars, is more than the debt accumulated during all the preceding 43 presidents combined. We Americansneed to understand how it was created.  People might cite the 2008 financial crisis as the culprit. However, U.S was officially out of recession by June 2009, but debt continued to skyrocket throughthat time till now. So what caused this?

With no major wars fought and nor major infrastructures built during this period, the only possible reason is the dramatically expanded social security programs, which encourage the laziness of quite a few and penalize hardworking middle class, and the wasteful expenditures of this Democratadministration, which can be suggested by the outrageous cost of ObamaCare website.

The hallmark of American spirit is limited government built on the ideal of “check and balance”, and faith in the marketand entrepreneurship of American people. Now, under the Democrat’s ideals, morepeople are on food stamps than ever, and more people are simply sitting at homeliving on social security. Ironically, as more people are no longer seeking employment, the unemployment rate goes down. Also going down, as one can easily understand, is the productivity of U.S. as a nation. If this trend continues without due changes, the debt issue will simply get worse, and our national productivity and national competitiveness will keep declining, and we are doomed to the pitfalls of many European countries like France, Greece and Spain.

Graph showingtroubling trends under the Obama Presidency

Therefore, it is a time for America tomake a change in its direction. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton’s economic plan is just a continuation of the one we had in the last eight years, or it may even get worse as she aggressively attempts her free college plan. Increasing tax and debt ceiling will be the only outcome.

Second, let’s talk about jobs.

Creating jobs is certainly government’s responsibility, but there are different approaches to it. Hillary Clinton’splan is centered around government driven investments in clean energy and high technology. But history have always shown that government driven investment is inefficient and incapable of sustaining long-term jobs. If you have doubtsabout this claim, just think about the nightmarish bureaucracy of VA and the 500 million spent on training 4 or 5 Syrian rebels.

On the other hand, the unfair tradedeal US has with foreign countries are causing much harm to American jobs. Forexample, much of the Chinese goods can enter the US market free of custom tariffs, but a US manufactured Cadillac CTS is selling 50% more expensive in Chinabecause of a non-tariff expenses. A sense-making businessman can easily identify this problem, and he knows that jobs cannot be created in sufficient numbers without addressing the unfair trade deals. Hillary Clinton, however, labelled as “isolationism” Donald Trump’s attempt to renegotiate the trade deals.

IsHillary’s plan going to make America safer?

The threat of Radical Islam

We need to talk about ISIS. ISIS is apressing threat, but just a tiny tip of the gigantic iceberg of radical Islamists who can turn into terrorists and launch strike at any time. The mass killing in Orlando of Florida and San Bernardino of California and the recent NYC bombing all testify to this pattern.

If we don’t want to see in home the chaos in today’s Paris, Brussel and Niece, we MUST face and address the rise of radical Islam honestly, and we must act NOW. Hillary Clinton’s policy on radical Islam is extremely dangerous to our nation because, due to her close ties with middle east donors, she even doesn’t want to mention radical Islam. Unwillingness to call enemy by its name reflects the Democrat’s long standing tradition of beautifying radical Islam, pandering to the Muslim voters and catering to their middle-east foundation donors.

Under Hillary’s plan, the United Statesis going to take in hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees while intelligence officials publicly admit we cannot verify their backgrounds. Playing moral saintsand admitting Muslim refugees at the risk of Americans’ safety and security,that’s what Democrats are doing for this country. In this context, having her as commander in chief is unacceptable and dangerous.

Supreme court and 2ndAmendment

Supreme court is the ultimate safeguardof our constitution. With the death of the conservative judge Antonin Scalia, the Democrats are eager to replace with a liberal judge. If that indeed takes place, the constitution will be peril. Only if Donald Trump is elected will the supreme court again restore its conservative majority, which will help safeguard the integrity of our constitution.

So we have enough reasons to fear thatthe 2nd Amendment will be endangered if Hillary becomes president. DonaldTrump, by contrast, is a strong defender of the constitution and protect American’s right to defend. So if we want to live free, we cannot elect apresident who stands the possibility of depriving our rights to defend ourselves.

Whosepresidency poses a bigger threat?

It’s obvious that neither is nearly a good choice, but many feel Hillary Clinton has the better experience and temperament, while Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have the temperament requiredto be president.

Whereas election of either one posessome challenges to our country, there are fundamental differences between thetwo scenarios.

First of all, the threat of a Hillary presidency is mainly policy-based, which means, even if she executes herplan faithful and diligently, she will still bring great trouble to this nationbecause her policy is not right. The eight years of Obama administration hasseen many setbacks in key measures our economy. The following graphs show theObama administration in red.

We simply cannot repeat the mistakes ofmany Europeans countries who are stuck in the quagmire welfare and terrorism.

On the other hand, the threat of a Donald Trump presidency is mainly temperament-based.Donald Trumpdid exhibit bluntness rarely seen in conventional politicians. But he has beena businessman and an entertainment personality for many years. He is fighting the corrupted and incompetent political establishment alone. He has very strong feelings about that fight. All these factors made him outspoken and sometimes provocative and inflammatory. But we’ve seen he has showed change since the beginning of hiscampaign, especially during the first debate, where he even didn’t unleash any personal attacks against Hillary Clinton.

Second, Hillary Clinton is a proven corrupted career politician with very bad track records, some of which amount tocrime. The threat of a Hillary presidency is just certain. Hillary Clinton recklessly mishandled classified information and has caused materia ldamage to our national security, and she mishandled the Benghazi crisis, which led to the tragic deaths of the American Ambassador Christopher Stevens, the first US ambassador to be killed on duty since 1979. When she was Secretary of State, her Clinton foundation also received massive amount of money from many special interests groups, and middle east countries, some of which are sponsorsof terrorism. More importantly, Hillary Clinton lied time from time over her fault. She has lost the credibility to be president of this country.

On the other hand, the threat of a Trump presidency is presumptive, and to a large extent has been exaggerated by the much biased media. For example, the vast majority of media covered Trump’scalling Mr. Universe “Miss Piggy”, but none of them cared about why FBI director James Comey didn’t recommend prosecution for Hillary Clinton’s misconduct.The mainstream media even portrayed Mr. Trump as an irascible person who will readily press the nuke button once provoked. However, even the whimsical and capricious North Korea dictator King Jong-un didn’t do that, why do we fear that a shrewd businessman like Trump will do that?


United States of America has been led off its due course for a long time. Laws are replaced by political correctnessand constitution is at peril. History tells us that a disaster always strikes hardest when people are not aware of it. Ask yourself, are you aware of all those potential risks we discussed above?  Now, spread this message, and tell your friends that our country is at a historic crossroad, and everyone should think carefully before casting their votes.

And we hope you will vote for Donald Trump.


Author: Liwei Zhou

Oct 7, 2016