CAFT to Launch Aerial Campaign for Trump in 20+ Cities

Chinese Americans in More than 20 Cities to Launch “Aerial Campaign” for Donald Trump

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  –  October 19, 2016 – Phoenix, Arizona — Beginning Saturday, October 22,2016 and in the coming two weeks, in more than 20 cities across USA, airplanes will carry “Chinese Americans for Trump” messages to show Chinese Americans’ support for Donald J. Trump’s campaign for the United States President.  This is after their first successful aerial campaign for Trump which took place in Phoenix, Arizona on October 15. 2016.    On that day an airplane that carried “AZ Chinese Americans for Trump” message flew across the sky of Greater Phoenix for 4 hours.   On October 18, Chinese Americans for Trump in Denver, CO organized another successful aerial campaign.

The cities that Chinese Americans for Trump movement will launch aerial campaign include: Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Tampa, Daytona Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Cleveland, Columbus Ohio, Cincinnati, U of M, Ann Arbor, Michigan, East Lansing, Michigan, and Philadelphia.  More than half of the cities are in battleground states.  A number of other US cities are on their list of expansion of this campaign.

During the 2016 election, more than one million Chinese Americans are united behind Trump.  These are law-abiding citizens, legal immigrants and their children.  Throughout their lives, they are told that if they work hard, play by the rules and contribute to society, they will achieve the American Dream.  But for the past decade or so, the Democrats’ pursuit of excessive political correctness, over-pandering to illegal immigration and racism in the name of Affirmative Action have deeply shaken their belief in the American Dream.  The extreme left wing is turning America into a less free, less innovative and less competitive country with their every legislative move. In short, America is in danger of decline in their hands.

Many first generation Chinese immigrants are from mainland China where they witnessed the collapse of the socialism and internationalism ideology.  Now they see similarity between the Obama administration and the measures by the socialist government half centuries ago, including media propaganda for political correctness, discouraging hard-working people, and lack of law and order.  They know Hillary would bring America down to the path that was already proved to be catastrophic in other countries.   They could tell from their past and current experiences that Trump’s policies are good for the nation, good for the people, and good for the world.  Therefore many Chinese Americans unprecedentedly stand up to support Trump.

This is a grassroot movement funded by ordinary Chinese Americans throughout the nation.  The fundraising took less than 24 hours receiving hundreds of donations.   “We started the aerial campaign to show our unequivocal support of Donald Trump. We believe Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate who sees the main problems of our country and offers the right solutions. For decades Chinese Americans have been voting for Democrat presidential candidate and Democratic Party rewarded us with Affirmative Action legislations across the country discriminating against Asian and Chinese Americans. We are here to also send Democratic Party a message.”, said Andy Zhang, the initiator and organizer of Arizona Chinese Americans for Trump Aerial Campaign.  “We will support Mr. Trump to Make America Great Again!”

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