CAFT Open Letter to NPR


NOVEMBER 2, 2016

We, the members of the Chinese Americans for Trump movement (CAFT in a short form) and the organizers of Aerial Message Campaign, express our deepest concerns and frustrations on the disturbing and biased media coverage conducted by the Seattle NPR station on November 1st, 2016, of the CAFT and our Aerial Message Campaign.

CAFT is a group of Chinese American volunteers, who agree with the Republican presidential candidate, Mr. Donald J. Trump, on many issues, such as law and order, national security, fair trade, public education, and defense of the Constitution. These issues are American issues, therefore our issues. We sincerely appreciate Mr. Trump’s great service to this great nation by running for the Presidency of the United States of America. We, along with Mr. Trump, and all patriotic Americans, want to Make America Great Again!

Over 8,000 CAFT volunteers are available in all 48 continental states, including the great state of Washington, and we are still in an effort to reach Seattle NPR station to seek a fair publicity which presents the CAFT and our Aerial Message campaign to the American people. Unfortunately, the Seattle NPR skipped CAFT volunteers and interviewed a foreign national, Mr. Haoyu Wang, who is an international student at the University of Washington on behalf of CAFT. We find that Mr. Wang’s comments are absurd and unacceptable. Mr. Wang is not an American, and he has no grounds whatsoever to represent the hard-working, law-abiding Chinese Americans.

We demand that the Seattle NPR publically apologize to CAFT about the misrepresented media coverage. We also ask that more than 8,000 CAFT members stand firmly and in solidarity behind Mr. Trump to win the general election. We encourage each of you to go to for more information.