About Us

CAFT, the Chinese Americans for Trump movement, is an informal group made up mainly of Chinese Americans from across the United States of America.

We come from all walks of life. We belong to different age groups and have different religious beliefs. We are all unpaid volunteers.

Within our group, there are successful businessmen and women, real estate developers, store owners, restaurateurs, doctors, lawyers, scientists and engineers; but there are also ordinary clerks, government workers, veterans and housewives. We are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. We are your friends and neighbors. We are Christians, Buddhists, Taoists and even atheists. The youngest in our group is barely 18; the oldest, 84.

What brought us together is the belief in Mr. Donald J. Trump’s vision for America.

We are law-abiding citizens, legal immigrants and their children. All our life, we have been told that if we work hard, play by the rules and contribute to society, we will achieve the American Dream. So, that is what we did. But for the past decade or so, the Democrats’ pursuit of excessive political correctness, over-pandering to illegal immigration and racism in the name of Affirmative Action have deeply shaken our belief in the American Dream. To us, they are turning America into a less free, less innovative and less competitive country with their every legislative move. In short, America is in danger of decline in their hands.

The Democrats want to grant unconditional amnesty to all illegal immigrants that hopped a fence to get into the US, when our family members are still waiting for their turn to enter this great country lawfully, sometimes for more than 10 years. That is NOT the America we knew and loved.

The Democrats want to pass laws that restrict college admissions based solely on skin color and ethnicity, so that our children have to get a 4.5 GPA to get into high-ranked state colleges while an illegal immigrant kid only needs a 2.5. That is NOT the America we knew and loved.

The Democrats have made it NOT okay to call Islamic Extremism for what it is. Asian Americans died in San Bernardino and yet we are not even allowed to discuss the event for what it truly was. That is NOT the America we knew and loved.

And so, we unite here today, for one purpose — to bring back the America that we once knew and loved, to ensure an American Dream for our children and grandchildren, to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

CAFT is a member of Trump’s Diversity Coalition